Best Hashtags for 60th Birthday

When you turn 60, having a few cute captions for social media posts is a must! You can’t just share pictures of your friends and family without giving a few words. And since hashtags are all the rage, you can search for one specific to your age. After all, we all want to feel young at heart, and looking to hashtags can help you achieve that feeling. We’ve got a few that you should share with your friends and family on your birthday, and a few we think you should skip. With these in your back pocket, you’ll never go wrong.

While you may not be posting your pictures on social media, we know that you probably have a lot of friends and family who will share photos of you in your new age. (Who doesn’t want to brag about a birthday?) This is why it’s important to make sure any captions are hashtagged properly. Hashtags make it easier for people to find your pictures, and can also help others see photos of you at a glance. The most popular hashtags for 60th birthdays are #throwback, because #tbt is overused. But there are plenty of other options. For example, you could use #dontgrowold along with your year, or #not60yearsyoung.

There are many things to consider when planning for your 60th birthday party, and one of the most important is the hashtag you’ll use to promote it. When planning your Instagram caption for your upcoming birthday bash, there are several hashtags to consider, all of which carry their own meanings and expectations. To help you decide on the right one for your party, we have collected some of the very best hashtags for your 60th birthday.

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Top 10 Hashtags for #60thbirthday

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Trending Hashtags for #60thbirthday

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High Competition: #birthday #cake #happybirthday #wedding

Most Popular Hashtags for #60thbirthday on Instagram

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Medium Competition: #60thbirthday

60th Birthday Captions

May the happiest year yet be the one that’s happening right now. Happy 60th, Mom. #mothersday

Wishing a happy 60th birthday to the best dad in the world, my dad 💗

Happy 60th celebration. We’re so grateful that you’ve maintained your vibrancy over the last six decades. Here’s to many more ☕👯

Happy 60th Birthday to the love of my life – you are my best friend and I look forward to all our adventures together. To celebrate, I made a special shirt for this photo. 😀❤️

Today is the 60th birthday of a very special friend. Here’s to spending it with you, (friend’s name). We love you and can’t wait to celebrate together!

Happiest of birthdays to the man who started it all – carpe diem and enjoy every moment. Today we celebrate your endurance, your curiosity, your creativity, and your thirst for adventure. Cheers to the next 60 years.

60 years old and still going strong. Happy birthday, Dad!

Around here, we love a good party 🎉🍾. So, it’s fitting that today we celebrate the start of our 60th anniversary. We are so happy to be here with you.

It’s your birthday, and we’re celebrating with a shot of espresso 🍫

Happy 60th birthday to the one and only [Insert name] We love you and can’t wait to see what’s next. ❤️🎂 60th birthday party.

Wishing everyone a happy 60th birthday today!

Today we’re wishing a big happy 60th to the biggest and boldest of them all. We are proud that you are well.

Wishing our former first lady a very happy 60th birthday. This is a gift of photos for her to reminisce over. Hope you enjoy! #🎂

Aren’t we all so lucky to have always had you in our lives? Happy Sweet Sixtieth 🎂 ⠀⠀

Wishing you ⭐️60⭐️ years of affection, laughter, and success. 💖

Throwback to the day you were born. Cheers to 60 more! Happy Birthday Mom.

Thinking of ways to celebrate (beyond cream pie, that is). Hint: Yes, it involves birthday cake.

Happily turning 60…looking back and looking forward.

Happy 60th to one of our biggest inspirations. Thank you for the decades of laughs, lessons and love.

Top of the morning to ya 🎂 Happy 60th Birthday, Grandpa!

Happy 60th to a true hero—Dad.

Wishing a very happy 60th birthday to my father, the best man I ever met.

Throw back to the year DARE was released. Happy 60th, John!

The biggest birthday of the year is today—biggest of hugs to our ❤️ #that60ssense

A lovely night out with the family 💙 #happysixtiethbirthdaydad

Can you believe it’s already been 60 years? We sure can’t! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. We’re going to party like its 1963!

First, a patent.  Then, an award. And now, the ability to celebrate for 60 years—thanks to ​you #HappyBirthdayPeteTheCat

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