Best Contemporary Dance Hashtags for Instagram

The best hashtags to post on Instagram are aesthetically pleasing, easy to read, and fun to say. These hashtags will also help you attract more followers who love dance. Most of the contemporary dance hashtags below are short, sweet, and snappy. They’re not too long—they’re just the right length for your caption or comment on a photo!

But don’t just read about the best contemporary dance hashtags for Instagram—get out there and use them! If you want to be a dancer or even just a fan of modern dance, these tags can make your post photos stand out from the rest.

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Top 10 Hashtags for #contemporarydance

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Medium Competition: #contemporarydance

Contemporary Dance Captions for Instagram

  • I remember my struggle to learn ballet, contemporary and modern dance, from learning how to place my feet on the floor to lift my body. I remember the first time I danced on stage and the feeling I got from the performance.
  • Every dancer is unique. Every dancer inspires.
  • The art of dance continues to evolve and push boundaries. Dance is a way for individuals to express their emotions, ideas and outlook on life.
  • It’s a way to share your emotions, ideas, and outlook on life. And it’s a way to inspire others.
  • Dance is a means of expressing who you are from the inside. It’s not about how good you look but how good you feel when dancing. It’s a way to connect with others and create new memories. A dance class can open up your world and let you experience other cultures, people, and even yourself in a new way.
  • Through dance, we have the power to connect with people and share our stories. Dance can help us grow and develop as individuals, and it can be an inspiration for our everyday lives.
  • We are excited to invest more in our dance programs, providing every student with a unique opportunity to grow, build friendships, and hone their craft.
  • Dance encourages passion, paves paths, and starts revolutions. It brings people together and opens doors for artists around the world.
  • When you dance, your heart beats faster, and your mind opens up. You begin to have an entirely new outlook on life. More than anything else, dancing helps you express your feelings and ideas.
  • Dance means so much to me, but to be able to inspire and empower others through dance is like nothing else. The dance community is a family, and dance changed my life.
  • Dance is an expression of the soul. It opens the doors to our thoughts, imagination and creativity.
  • Everything we do is about conveying passion, emotion and excitement through art. Here at
  • When was the last time that movement and emotion came together to express something deep inside? Whether you’re a trained dancer or just starting, you can learn to let your body tell the story.
  • Dancing allows us to express ourselves in a way that moves our audience in creative ways. It is both a gift and a skill to use your body, mind, and soul to create something as beautiful as dance.
  • Dance has the power to change lives by creating joy and strengthening the human spirit. By moving people through dance, you are not just changing their day but rather uplifting their souls.
  • What they see on stage is only half the story. The other half is our dedication to making a difference in each community we visit. We are proud that these dancers have been selected as recipients of the Season Incentive Award 💃🏽.
  • Join us in recognizing the talented dancers who have been featured in this year’s festival, and learn more about the dance, music, art and culture that inspire our community.
  • Watch the talented dancers who have been featured in this year’s festival, and let their dancing, music, and art inspire you to reach beyond your comfort zone and chase your dreams.
  • The Opportunity to be inspired is all around us. The festival brings the community together to share our appreciation for dance, music, art and culture.
  • You’re invited to join us for a spectacular celebration of Latin dance, music, art and culture.
  • Let’s celebrate our shared passion for dance and recognize the dancers, musicians, and artists that enrich our community.
  • At the heart of our festival are the dancers who have come from across the globe to perform for you. Together, we can build a community that welcomes and celebrates diverse voices.
  • Be there when we honour the dancers who inspire us. See masterful dancing, hear incredible music & more.
  • Our festival presents a world of dance talent through performance, collaboration and education.
  • It’s a chance for our community to dream big, solve problems, and work together. It’s also when we honour our most talented dancers.
  • Hear from the people who make it all happen, and learn what inspires our art, culture and community.
  • Spark your imagination and renew your enthusiasm for the arts this evening as our guests share their innovation, discovery, and inspiring stories.
  • Join us in celebrating and learning about the people, issues, events, and milestones that shape our community.
  • Only the dancer who dances can truly be said to live. 💃
  • There are many ways to live, but only one way to dance. 💃
  • There’s no greater freedom than learning to dance to your own story and dreams. 💃
  • Life is for the living. Whenever you dance, you’re alive in every way that matters. And as long as you’re alive and dancing, you’re living. As long as you’re living, life is a gift. Please don’t waste it!
  • Some feel that being alive is a gift. For them, life is something to be celebrated, and every moment must be fully experienced. There’s no more perfect expression of this than dancing.
  • We believe in the power of dance to inspire, connect, and empower us. Each of us is unique, and no level of experience or training is necessary to be part of our community. Our dance classes are all about moving freely and having a good time.
  • Life is short. Live your dream. Live by what inspires you. Dance!
  • When we dance, we are freeing ourselves from the worries and cares of everyday life.
  • Dance is a way of life. It is a state in which one’s heart, body, and soul are in joyous harmony.
  • Doing what you love is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Your actions define who you are and what matters to you.
  • Are you looking for ways to fuel your inner fire? You’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find stories of real people who have inspired me with their passion and determination.
  • A dance 💃 is a conversation between the dancer and their environment, expressing the beauty of motion.
  • A dancer’s art is the beauty of motion. When a dancer showcases their abilities, it is a conversation between them and the world.
  • A dancer is a person who can inspire others to move and feel the music. A dancer moves at the moment, seeing the world through their own eyes and appreciating every moment of their life.
  • Dance is a way to take your feelings, your emotions and allow them to show in a beautiful representation.
  • Our vision is to inspire others through dance by expressing our passion for movement and the unity of body, mind, and spirit.
  • There is something magical about the way humans move. It’s a language understood by everyone. When we express ourselves through movement to music, we grow closer together and build a community.
  • Dance is a living story: it creates space for us to talk and share new ideas. We should always look for ways to move forward and create better versions of ourselves.
  • Dance is modern poetry. Ballet is a dance of light and shadows.
  • There are many ways to dance, but the best way is to feel and express the moment. Dance with feeling.
  • Dance is a way of seeing the world. It lets you express yourself, connect with others, and explore your interests.
  • Dance is about overcoming your challenges. It’s about surmounting seemingly impossible obstacles. Dance is about the joy and freedom of moving together.
  • When you move, something inside of you changes. Suddenly the world looks brighter. Every day becomes something new and exciting.
  • Dance is an art form that connects with audiences emotionally through its physical expression.
  • Dance connects with you emotionally through its physical expression. It inspires your passion and makes us feel alive because it provides an escape from the everyday stress of life.
  • The power of dance lies in its ability to connect with an audience emotionally. By using its body as a vehicle for expression, it moves us.
  • Dance is an art form that animates and moves you, creating an emotional connection with the audience.
  • More than just artistry, dance is an inspiration. It evokes human emotion through its physical expression, capturing moments of joy and pain, love and loss.
  • Dance is the most expressive and beautiful art form in the world. It connects with you emotionally, making you feel deep within your heart.
  • As dancers, we use the body as a canvas to create inspiring and moving works of art.
  • We believe that dance is a powerful physical expression, united by the humanity of our emotions.
  • We believe that dance can inspire and change our world, one person at a time. That’s why we are committed to making sure that dance is accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience.
  • At the heart of ballet is a passion that inspires viewers to connect and find meaning in life.
  • To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, and it is glory on earth.
  • Great dancers are great because of their passion.
  • It’s a movement that uplifts and inspires using the innate sensuality of the human body.
  • No beginning. No end. Just the dance.
  • Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
  • I think contemporary dance reflects the soul, and that’s why it touches so many people.
  • The contemporary dance language is a universal tongue that transcends cultural and national boundaries.
  • Feel the beauty of the body and mind when you witness a contemporary dance performance.
  • You’ll witness the beauty of the human body, inside and out, when you experience a contemporary dance performance.
  • Suspend reality and experience the beauty of art, music and body as one by witnessing a contemporary dance performance.
  • Dance gives you the freedom to move your body and ease your mind. Experience this beauty by seeing a show.
  • Witness elegance and grace, style and fluidity. Feel the artistry of every movement as these phenomenal dancers glide before your eyes.
  • Experience the peace, beauty and sheer power of contemporary dance.
  • We’ll take you on a journey of aesthetic beauty and elegance as gracefully expressive dancers bring the most exquisite movement performances to life.
  • Discover the power of the body and mind through dance.
  • A world of human expression will thrust upon your senses as choreographed movement showcases the vast possibilities of the mind and body.
  • Witness the exquisiteness of grace in motion while connecting to your inner strength and beauty.
  • We are all beautifully broken. Let the fluidity of movement and dance help awaken your soul.
  • Dance is about freedom. It’s about expressing yourself and capturing the emotion of the moment.
  • Dance is an expression of the self, bringing together our physical, mental and emotional strengths. A dancer is an artist at heart. Like all artists, dancers are curious and passionate about their craft. #dancers
  • Movement is the heartbeat of this century. A perfect dance never dies but lives forever as part of the cosmos.
  • To dance is human, to dance is natural, to dance is to move, live life in the present moment and enjoy it.
  • Dance is the way we express ourselves and also the way we tell our stories. It’s about movement, living in the present moment and enjoying it.
  • A dancer knows that joy comes from moving to his beat and living life in the present moment.
  • Dance is a way to express yourself through movement. But that’s not all, and dance can be an escape from every day, where you live in the present and enjoy it.
  • To dance is a way of life, a passion, love, and existence.
  • Dance is life. It is the ultimate way to express yourself and let go of your inhibitions!
  • Dance is an integral part of our lives. It helps us live at the moment, move in time to a beat and find happiness.
  • Like any journey, the path to learning to dance is full of twists and turns, but in the end, it’s always going to be rewarding.
  • Dancing is not just about moving. And it’s about understanding your purpose and enjoying life. Dance to live a better life.
  • Dance is the purest manifestation of joy there can be. It allows us to express ourselves, forget about our worries and live in the moment. Most importantly, it lets us have fun.
  • Dance is a celebration of life. It’s an expression of joy, hope, love, and gratitude. Through dance, we connect with our inner self and our emotions.
  • Dancing is more than just an activity to keep your body in shape. It’s a way to live life in a state of joy.
  • Dancing is a beautiful expression of joy. It expresses the emotions of our hearts and brings us together in a celebration of life.
  • Dance like no one’s watching, love as you’ve never been hurt, and live like heaven on earth. #dancelikenobodyiswatching
  • We dance to give life meaning.
  • Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
  • We dance because we want to,
  • Beautiful, graceful, and inspiring. A moment of thoughtless action that makes the heartache with delight.
  • Our bodies are these amazing instruments & when we express ourselves through motion, the feeling is euphoric. #💃🏻
  • Art doesn’t always have to be thought of as technical. Sometimes the subtleties and quiet moments in your craft are the most artistic things.

Here are some of our favourite contemporary dance hashtags for Instagram. We hope that you will use them to represent your work and share it with the world!

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