Best Hashtags for 5th Birthday

Celebrating a 5th birthday is a big moment in any child’s life, but if you want your child’s big day to go viral, you need a plan. While you may think that “#HappyBirthday” and “#5” are enough, they’re not. Your child’s social media presence needs to be the very best it can be. So, before your child blows out the candles, make sure you’ve checked out our list of the best hashtags to use for your 5th birthday.

Top 10 Hashtags for #5thbirthday

#5thbirthday #5thbirthdayparty #5thbirthdaycake #5thbirthdaycelebration #5thbirthdaylive #5thbirthdaytogether #5thbirthdayfun #5thbirthdaybash #5thbirthdayparty🎉 

Trending Hashtags for #5thbirthday

Low Competition: #5thbirthday #5yearsold

Medium Competition:  #birthdayboy #birthdaycake #birthdaygirl #birthdayparty #hulk #pokemon #spiderman #vanilla #redblackwhite #5thBirthday 

High Competition: #autumn #birthday #cake #fall #family #happybirthday #party

Most Popular Hashtags for #5thbirthday on Instagram

Low Competition: #5thbirthday

Medium Competition: #5thbirthdayparty #5thbirthdaycake #5thbirthdaycelebration #5thbirthdaylive #5thbirthdaytogether #5thbirthdayfun #5thbirthdaybash #5thbirthdayparty🎉 #5thbirthdaypresent #5thbirthdaycelebrations #5thbirthday🎂 #5thbirthdayinheaven #5thbirthdays #5thbirthdaysurprise #5thbirthdaygift #5thbirthdaycookies #5thbirthdaycakes #5thbirthdaygirl #5thbirthdayboy

5th Birthday Captions

Happy 5th Birthday @ _________. Go ahead and reach for the stars. _______ is ready, but only you can make it happen.

Happy 5th birthday to my favorite little nephew, Oliver! #birthdayboy #chocolatecake 😋😋

Celebrating your 5th birthday with some childhood nostalgia.

We’re turning 5, and it’s your birthday too. We want to celebrate you, our customers. With every cup of coffee we make, we strive to be the best version of ourselves—to bring joy, connection, and

Party to celebrate our 5th birthday on May 31st-June 2nd. Join in the fun and be one of the first to get our limited edition anniversary t-shirt ($30).

We’re turning five this weekend and can’t believe all the sips, savory treats, and smiles that made our first five years possible. Cheers to many more!

🎂 Today we celebrate you and all the smiles you’ve brought to our customers.

Raise a cup to my man… Here’s to you, happy birthday. 🎂

Five years ago, we launched on a platform that was undeveloped and uncertain. Now, we’re one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. We’re excited to celebrate together! #fb

Happy 5th Birthday to our favorite little guy Ian! We are so lucky to watch you grow.

Celebrating my beautiful daughters 5th birthday with @discountmugsonline !

Treat. Yo. Self 😜 – and help us celebrate our 5th birthday with a $5 treat on us this Thursday when you use your Starbucks app on August 3 ☕️

TODAY IS OUR LITTLE HELLO’S 5TH BIRTHDAY! We can’t believe we have been doing this for 5 years.

Wow, our little guy’s already 5! Here’s to all the silly, smart things you do that make us laugh 😊 #happybirthday

Friends, your #bucksdays are many. So go on and keep on celebrating. Here’s to the next five years of sipping sunnies and making plans with some high quality buds. 📷 @birddogstudio

Here’s to 5 years of being the perfect afternoon pick me up. 🍵 🌴

Now that you’re five, we’d like to think you can finally do the things you’ve wanted to do for a while. Go ahead—skip one meal of your choosing at dinner tonight and see how it feels. Speak up more. Run in.

Can you believe it’s been five years? Welcome to the family, lil *chug* brother @dunkindonuts 🎉

5 years ago today, we opened our very first store. Since then, we’ve grown quick and far. From our founding team to the partners (employees), customers and shareholders, people have been at the heart of everything we’re doing.

Happy 5th Birthday, Felix. Hope you’re already one of the best things about your birthday party and that it just gets better from here. Love, Mommy

Happy 5th birthday to the most fun and colorful emoji pack out there! We can’t wait to see what fun we’ll be partying with in 2018. 🎂

Happy 5th birthday to all our fans! 😊 We’ve had so many adventures over these past five years. There’s never been a dull moment. Thanks for the memories and all the laughs! 😂

More than just a fifth birthday; it’s an opportunity to enjoy the little things ❤️

Happy fifth birthday to the one and only  @Beardbrand! Let’s raise a glass to 5 years of bearded goodness. #beardbab y #BrewLife

Hello Starbucks Rewards members! We’ve got a gift for you. For the occasion of our 5 th birthday, we’ve created a card just for you—one that shows how much we love and appreciate you. And to show that

What a sweet way to celebrate 5 years of building meaningful content.

Here’s to five years of good coffee, great friends and lots more ahead. Happy birthday, Starbucks, and here’s to the adventures that await. 🏯🍵

Cheers to the sweetest milestone 🎂🍰#HappyBirthdayStarbucks

Celebrating 5 years of ice cream awesomeness. Thanks for scooping out the good stuff every day 😄

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