Best 70th Birthday Hashtags

Our years are numbered, and those numbers are getting higher and higher. And that means it’s time to start making plans for your next big birthday. Whether it’s 70th, 80th, or 90th, you want to be sure that you’re celebrating in style. But if you’re a senior citizen, chances are that you’re not on social media very much. So, what do you do? How do you make sure that people know about your big day?

Although it may feel like you are too old to care about using hashtags, you are only as old as you feel. With the right caption, you can use hashtags to tell your friends and followers what the occasion for your birthday was, along with other details that might be helpful or relevant to your audience. To make this process easier for you, here are some of the best 70th birthday hashtags that you can use.

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Top 10 Hashtags for #70thbirthday

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Trending Hashtags for #70thbirthday

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High Competition: #birthday #cake #family #familytime #happybirthday #love #party

Most Popular Hashtags for #70thbirthday on Instagram

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70th Birthday Captions

No one can steal our memories or our dreams. Happy 70th birthday to my beloved Grandy. You made this year one of the best yet.

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad Hope 🎂 Enjoy a happy and healthy year!

Happy 70th birthday to the greatest inspired man of all time. Thank you for inspiring us all to dream big and go after our wildest imaginations.

The joy is almost visible. Happy 70th Birthday, Grampie! 💕

Happy 70th Birthday Dad! The force is strong with you! 🤗

♪happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youeee, happy birthday dear friend we wish you all the happiness in the world!

Happiest birthday to our favorite pop (and yours too, probably), the one and only 🎂💕

This year we are raising a glass to the Queen of Soul 🎤 Happy Birthday, My Wife!!! #wifie70thbirthday

They’re the best of friends. They’re fun to be with. They are always there for you. Happy 70th birthday, Mom and Dad! #themomentsyoukeep

Happy 70th birthday to one of the greatest legends and trailblazers in the history of the entertainment industry

Happy 70th Birthday, Mom ❤️ You are the best.

Happy 70th Birthday, mom #mom70thBirthday.

Happy 70th birthday, Grandpa! Thanks for always leading by example and showing us the way. 🎂

It’s your birthday! We hope you have a very happy 70th, Pops.

Here’s to the fresh start of turning 70. Happy birthday, Dad.

Wondering what to get her for her 70th… or maybe just a simple card ✍️

It was the most wonderful time of the year… Thank you all for the birthday wishes. We love you guys.

To Grandpa, who’s always there when we need a gentle reminder to be selfless and kind. Thanks for the message and for being our light! We love you. #happy70thbirthday #youareourlight

Happy 70th birthday, Prince! As usual, you’ve done things your way. After sharing your best work in the ‘70s and owning the ‘80s, you went silent before returning this decade with fresh new music.

Have a wonderful birthday. We hope it is filled with many sweet memories and friends old and new. We love you

Happiest of birthdays to my lovely mother! You’ve always been the backbone of our family and the light of our lives.

It’s your birthday, so we’re making you this promise…we’ll never stop working to make it a little sweeter for everyone. 🍰

You’re never too old to do the things you love. Happy 70th birthday to you!

Happy 70th Birthday to my favorite foodie!

Happy 70th birthday to the (insert name of favourite band). Thanks for always being there for us: at home, on our headphones, on stage—and for never taking bull from anyone.

Happy 70th birthday Grandma! We love you so much and admire all the things that make you amazing: your passion for life, your kindness, and your strength. Keep being the amazing woman you are 😘

Wishing this #legend a very happy 70th birthday in all of our spiffy aprons 🎩😎

Celebrating a 70th birthday is all about looking back on the past and celebrating how far you’ve come and what your future holds.

Happy 70th birthday, Dad! May we all enjoy the same timeless appeal and curiosity that you have. #teamkeith #keithurban

Happy 70tth birthday Grandma and Grandpa!

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