Best 22nd Birthday Hashtags

Ready to make your birthday one of the most memorable of your life? By adding the perfect hashtags to your posts, you can share your exploits with all of your friends at once! When deciding which hashtags to use in your posts, it’s important to consider your age, the location of your event, and how many followers you have. For example, if you’re 22 years old, try hashtags such as #22, #22yearsold, #22yearslater, #livingthedream, #mylife, #blessed.

What’s the best way to celebrate your 22nd birthday? Well, that depends on you! After all, what’s the point in celebrating your 22nd birthday if you can’t make it the way you want to? So, to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best hashtags for your 22nd birthday! Whether your birthday wish is to have a good time or just to get some cake, these are the 22nd birthday hashtags to make your birthday this year one that you’ll never forget.

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Top 10 Hashtags for #22ndbirthday

#22ndbirthday #22ndbirthdaycelebration #22ndbirthday🎂 #22ndbirthdayparty #22ndbirthdaybash #22ndbirthdaycake #22ndbirthday❤️ #22ndbirthdaypresent #22ndbirthday🎉 #22ndbirthdayweekend

Trending hashtags for #22ndbirthday

Low Competition: #22ndbirthday

Medium Competition: #aries #ariesseason #birthdaycake #birthdaygirl #happybirthdaytome #instaboy #march #quarantine

High Competition: #birthday #cake #dog #family #follow #followme #fun #happy #happybirthday #instafashion #photography

Most Popular hashtags for #22ndbirthday on Instagram

Low Competition: #22ndbirthday #22ndbirthdaycelebration #22ndbirthday🎂 #22ndbirthdayparty #22ndbirthdaybash #22ndbirthdaycake #22ndbirthday❤️ #22ndbirthdaypresent #22ndbirthday🎉 #22ndbirthdayweekend #22ndbirthdaygift #22ndbirthdaycelebrations #22ndbirthdaydinner #22ndbirthday🎈 #22ndbirthdays #22ndbirthdayxak #22ndbirthdaytrip #22ndbirthdayspecial #22ndbirthday🎉🎊 #22ndbirthdayy

22nd Birthday Captions

Happy 22nd birthday to you, happy 22nd birthday to you. 😃 We’re wishing you a wonderful year. 🎂

Happy 22nd birthday to our favorite little sister. #22birthday

Happy 22nd Birthday to the guy who always has a smile on his face. 🎉🎈🍰🎂

Happy 22nd Birthday to our 🎁 princess! We hope you’re feeling as lucky as the day you were born. Happy Birthday to youuuu!

No better day to take a trip down memory lane. Happy 22nd Birthday.

What a year it’s been, turning 22! Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate this milestone is important because it marks the passage into adulthood. Students turning 22 might want to grow up but these quotes are sure to remind them of their youth.

Surprise! We’re celebrating the 22ndbirthday of the most handsome friend with a new colorway that’s bursting with freshness. Check it out. 👟

Time flies when you’re getting older. Happy birthday, girl! You are a shining star in our lives. 😊

❤️Happy Birthday! You’re as passionate about coffee as we are. 💚 You just have to celebrate!

Happy 22nd Birthday to our little sister! We love you. ❤️

Happy 22nd birthday to you… You’re our little 🐲 and we love you. #holdme

Turning 22 is a rite of passage; it’s the age when you can legally drink, get a tattoo and vote! We hope you have an amazing birthday and we will continue to share your journey with our community.

Happy Birthday to youuu! Happy birthday to youuuu!!! Happy birthday dear brother 🎉 🍰🎁

Happy Birthday to my brother! we’ve had the most amazing time growing up together in this crazy world. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends and lots of cake 🎂

Cheers to you, this awesome year, the many more to come. Happy birthday! ☀️

It’s your birthday, so embrace the day, and celebrate it with a cupcake 🎂

There’s no better way to ring in your birthday than with cake 🎂 Yours was the sweetest!

I can’t believe my baby girl is officially a 22-year-old adult—so cute! #Happy22ndBirthday

🎂🍰 to you and me, us, u & i, the both of us. happy 22nd birthday my love.

Happy 22nd birthday to my very best friend. I love you more than 🍔🍟🍩🍦! 😘 #thingstolove

May the memories of your 21st year be as sweet as a birthday cake 🎂

It took us 22 years to finally feel like adults—but you’re just getting started. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, to the funniest, most sarcastic, and overall best person I know.

I love you my boy, happy birthday.

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! We’ve got two decades worth of memories to create 😁️ #HappyBirthday

#HappyBirthday to my best friend! May your day be filled with love and smiles and even the occasional dance party. 🎈

Wishing you the greatest of birthdays and may all your dreams come true! #coolbirthday #smile_o_rama

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